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President's Message

Dr. Rajshree Deopujari, MD

Dear Colleagues, It is a great honor bestowed upon me to be the President of the Indian Society of Neuroanesthesiology and Critical Care (ISNACC) and I am indeed very happy to take up the responsibility....

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President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honor bestowed upon me to be the President of the Indian Society of Neuroanesthesiology and Critical Care (ISNACC) and I am indeed very happy to take up the responsibility.
ISNACC started in the late 1990s, when a small group of anesthesiologists, under the leadership of Dr. HH Dash, felt the need to have a specialty group. This was a great initiative to celebrate the “Decade of the Brain”. I thank and congratulate all the stalwarts of this great Society who have worked hard and spared no effort to make it one of the best and leading Neuroanesthesiology and Neurocritical Care Societies in the world. The growth has been driven steadily together by our esteemed members and office-bearers. Over the years, ISNACC created several robust education programs, hosted annual conferences with high scientific content and hands-on workshops. ISNACC also contributed as well as started the Neurocritical Care Society of India (NCSI) and Acute Neuro Care programs. They have achieved excellence in academics, created modules for fellowship programs at high-volume centers and we need to continue the tradition incorporating new advances.
Recently, we have had a very uncertain two years of COVID 19 pandemic which made the whole medical world change their set norms of practice and face unforeseen challenges. So did the Neuroanesthesiology & Neurointensivist colleagues. Several online teaching programs and exchanges organized by our society with colleagues from all over the world allowed us to create our own standard of practice. Overnight we had to change our set of patterns of work as COVID 19 disease rapidly evolved and is continuing to evolve. Not only did COVID 19 disease pose a threat to all persons all over the world, but it posed a challenge to the Neurologically impaired patient, who were vulnerable to contracting the disease with worse outcomes. It posed a big challenge to our community. ISNACC rose to these challenges quickly. Luminaires of our society got together and with their expertise quickly published; “The NCSI & the ISNACC. Joint Position Statement and Advisory on the Practice of Neurocritical Care during COVID 19 Pandemic” as well as the “ISNACC Position Statement and Advisory for the Practice of Neuroanesthesiology during Covid 19 Pandemic” – endorsed by the ISA. They were quickly circulated and gave us the guidance required at that critical time to follow. It was timely and a great activity which our society undertook. Both these consensus statements were published in the Journal of Neuroanaeshesiology and Critical Care (JNACC).
I thank our Past President Dr. Nidhi Panda, our Secretary Dr. V Ponniah, our Treasurer Dr. Prasanna Bidkar for their achievements in these difficult years. They increased the membership, successfully organized conferences, and generally raised the bar for our Society. I accept this responsibility and with all the humility and will do all in my powers to achieve the goals set by ISNACC. In my tenure, I would also like to try and increase the membership of our society.
The need of the hour is taking Neuroanesthesiology & Neurointensivist Care to many smaller places in our country. Neurosurgeons are venturing out into smaller towns and cities. Many more trained neuroanesthesiologist and neurointensivist would be required. The responsibility of training and mentoring these individuals is the priority of all ISNACC educators. It is heartening to notice that we have been steadily increasing the number of Institutes imparting, DM and DrNB training, and also have more institutes taking on the PDF course in Neuroanesthesiology and Neurocritical Care
ISNACC has collaborated with many international Societies. Collaborative Research has been an important part of our society and we should take it ahead. As the uncertain medical challenges of the pandemic continue evolving, we will have to continue finding timely solutions and guide our members with advisories as and when necessary. With the help of ISNACC Secretary Dr. Girja Prasad Rath, Treasurer Dr. Gyanindra Pal Singh, and our new GC members, we resolve to carry on the great tradition of the esteemed Society ahead.

With Regards!

Rajshree Deopujari, MD