By Laws

    1. The registered office of the association shall remain in the national capital territory of Delhi. It is important to bear in mind that for this claim to be effective one member of the executive council has to be from Delhi.
    2. Aims and objectives of the society are:-
      • To associate and affiliate into one organisation all the anaesthesiologists who are currently practising Neuroanaesthesia and Neuro Critical Care or were actively associated with Neuroanaesthesia or who are otherwise interested in Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care in particular.
      • To maintain the highest standards in the ethics and practice of Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care.
      • To encourage education, research and scientific progress in Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care.
      • To give adequate training to those who are properly qualified and intend to take up this sub speciality.
      • To disseminate information with regard to Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care.
      • To edit and publish publication in the field of Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care.
      • To protect the public against irresponsible and unqualified practitioners of Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care.
      • To safeguard the professional interests of its members.
      • To affiliate with international bodies for promotion of mutual exchange of knowledge amongst the members and professional colleagues all over the World.
      • To encourage faculty exchange programmes in India and abroad.
      • To receive and accept donations, gifts, grants in kind & cash from any person or persons, associations, societies, companies, authority or government for furtherance of the aims and objectives of the society in its absolute discretion as it may think fit.
      • To ensure that the income, earnings, movable, immovable properties of the association shall be solely utilised and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objectives only as set forth in the memorandum of the association and no profit thus earned shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or past members of the association or to any persons claiming through anyone of the association shall have any personal claim on any moveable or immovable properties of the association or make any profits whatsoever by virtue of his membership.
    3. Composition: In pursuit of these objectives there shall have ordinary members, life members, associate members, honorary members and the society shall undertake appropriate activities.
    4. Voting Rights: Voting rights will be restricted to Life members, ordinary members whose subscription has been paid for the current year (term of ordinary membership 01 Jan. to 31 Dec.). Associate members and honorary members will have no voting rights. New members (ordinary or life) registered after 30 Sept. of that year shall have no voting rights in the elections due in that year.
    5. Officers of the Society shall be:
      • President
      • Senior Vice President
      • Associate Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Editor
    6. President:
      • President
      • (a) He or She is the elected head responsible for overall functioning of the society.
      • (b) Duties:
        • Shall chair and regulate the working of the general body.
        • Shall chair and regulate the working of the executive council.
        • Shall present the annual report to the General body.
        • Shall preside over the proceedings of the annual conference.
        • Shall call upon mid-term meeting as and when necessary.
        • Shall represent the society in government dealings.
        • Shall be responsible for discipline of the society.
        • Shall coordinate the activities and functions of the sub-committee, if any
        • Shall closely supervise the journal activities (financial and the quality of the articles).
        • Shall closely coordinate the financiers of the association.
        • Shall perform such other duties as provided in the bylaws.
      • Eligibility:
        The president so elected shall be the life member of the society and should have attended at least three annual meeting for at least three years. (Till the year 2000 this clause will be flexible but he/she must be an active participant of the society in the preceding years.
      • Nomination:
        Nomination for the presidentship will be notified 2 months prior to general body meeting at the time of the annual conference. Completed form duly sponsored shall be sent so as to reach the secretary 30 days prior to general body meeting. This clause for the president shall hold only up to the year 2000.
      • Election:
        Election will be held during the general body meeting at the time of the annual conference.
      • Tenure
        The term of the President will be one year commencing at the close of the annual meeting following the election to the next annual meeting.
      • Vacancy
        Vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled automatically by the Senior VP in order of succession. It is proposed that after the proper election is held in 1999 there will be no further election for the post of President instead the Sr. VP elected for the particular year will be president in the next year.
    7. Senior VP:
      • He / She is the second senior most executive official
      • Elections: He / She takes over as President on completion of the term of the president at the end of GB. However, there will be election for the post of Sr. VP
      • Duties:
        • Shall chair and regulate the working of the general body.
        • He/ She will be chairman of the scientific sessions of the annual conferences.
        • He/ She will closely oversee the activities of the journal.
        • He/ She will be responsible for the periodic release of the news bulletin in close co-operation with secretary.
        • He/ She will be the spokesperson for the scientific activities.
        • Will be directly responsible for the conduct of scientific proceedings of the annual conference.
        • Will be responsible for ·all the responsibilities of the president in case of vacancy of the presidential post. This term will be for the remaining period. This however will not debar him/her for the automatic elevation to the post of President in his/her own term.
      • Eligibility:
        Life member/ Active participation for a minimum period of 3 years in a five year cycle. (Rule is flexible till 2003 AD)
      • Tenure of Sr. VP is for one year.
    8. Associate VP:
      • He/She is the elected official of the office bearers in the chain of command
      • Election will be duly held for the post every year.
      • Eligibility should be a life member actively involved in the practice of Neuroanaesthesia. He/She should have participated in all the three annual meets in a cycle of preceding five years.
      • Tenure of Assoc. VP is for one year. He/She automatically takes over as Sr VP and President in his/her own turn provided he/she fulfils all the responsibilities of the respective posts.
      • Duties will include primarily as the chief official overseeing financial aspects of the society.
        • Will be responsible for raising funds for the association.
        • Liase with companies and other resources to promote donations and gifts for the association. Will liase with the Chief Editor with regard to financial matters of the journal with an object to generate funds. He will be chief internal auditor of the accounts for the association, journal and the annual meets. He/ She will officiate the Sr. VP in case of unforeseen vacancy of either Sr. VP or President. He will in close association with the Organizing Secretary of the annual conference and treasurer make a viable budget of annual meets and any proceeding of the association.
      • In case of vacancy due to unforeseen circumstance the post will be filled in by Secretary till the GSM.
    9. Secretary:
      • Secretary is the executive official of the association entrusted with job of handling all the official documents of the association.
      • Eligibility: Life member should have attended at least three of the preceding meetings in a cycle of five years.
      • Elections: He / She will be elected in the general body
      • Tenure: 3 years
      • Nomination will be submitted for the post of secretary together with that of treasurer 2 months prior to general body meeting. It is preferable that the secretary and treasurer are elected as a team preferably from the same city.
      • In the event of vacancy due to unforeseeable circumstances it will be filled by Associate Vice President till the GSM.
      • Duties:
        • He/ She serves as official correspondent of the association.
        • He/ She is directly and indirectly responsible for all the official matters of the association.
        • He/ She will maintain the records of the membership of the association.
        • He/She will maintain close liaison between the various functionaries of the association.
        • He/She will be working in close association with the treasurer as a team.
        • He/She will maintain the laws and by laws of the association and changes as approved by general body meeting will be informed and ratified by the register of the society, Delhi. In this regard he can take the help of the executive members located at Delhi.
        • He/She will arrange for mid-term meetings if any in close liaison with the president.
        • On behalf of the president, He/She will be guiding the Organising secretary of the annual meets.
        • He/She will be keeping the members well informed with activities of the society through news letter in close association with Sr. VP.
        • He/She will send the notice for election to various posts in month of September through a news letter defining the eligibility criteria and tenure.
        • He/She will give due notice through news letter about the annual meets.
        • He/She will maintain the minutes of general body meeting.
        • He/ She will present the report of the association at the general body meeting.
        • On vacancy of Associate VP due to unforeseen circumstances he/she will officiate as Assoc. VP.
        • He/ She is the executive head of the association in activation, coordination of all activities of the association.
        • To maintain an attendance register of the conference.
        • To maintain attendance register of the general body meeting.
        • To issue eligibility slip for voters during election.
        • To arrange for conduct of elections.
    10. Treasurer:
      He/She is the elected official of the society.
      • Life Member
      • Active participation in three proceeding meetings in a cycle of 5 years.
      • Actively involved in practice of the speciality
      Elected in general body meeting preferably as team member of the secretary to work in tandem with him/her.
      Tenure: 3 years
      • As a treasurer of the association it is his responsibility to maintain a record of receipts and expense of the society, duly audited by internal auditors (Asso. VP) and chartered accountant.
      • He / She present the duly audited account at the General body meeting.
      • Financial year is 01 April to 31 March
      • He/ She will maintain the account of all donations and gifts.
      • He/ She will submit the receipt of subscription by members of the association.
      • In case of unforeseen vacancy in treasurer the responsibility will be taken over by the secretary till a suitable arrangement is made by the president.
    11. Chief Editor:
      • He/ She is the elected official of the association responsible for the journal, its publication and distribution to all the members of the association regularly.
      • Eligibility:
        • Life Member
        • Actively associated with all activities of the association
        • He/She should be faculty member or preferably head of the dept. of a large hospital or institution actively involved in Neuroanaesthesia work (Corporate/ Private/ Govt. Hospital)
        • He/She should have attended at least 3 annual meetings in cycle of preceding 5 years.
        • He/She should be academically of high standing with at least twenty publications in indexed journals credited to him/her.
      • Duties:
        • To receive article for publication from member delegates or others interested in the field of Neuroanaesthesia.
        • To seek review articles from eminent specialist in the field of
          Neuroanaesthesia and allied subject.
        • To publish the journal regularly.
        • To issue the journal to members delegates.
        • To receive the advertisements, donations and gifts for the journal.
        • To interact with Sr VP for any guidance if deemed necessary.
        • To seek help from Asso VP regarding finance
        • To submit the audited account of the journal fund duly audited by Asso. VP and CA.
      • Tenure: 5 years
      • Vacancy: In case of unforeseen circumstance leading to vacation; Asso VP will perform the duties of chief editor as a caretaker till an alternative arrangement can be made.
      • Funding of the journal will be from the following:-
        • Partly from subscription of members
        • Advertisements
        • Donations
        • Gifts
        • Part of the savings from annual meets.
    12. Executive Council:
      • Executive council consisting of 10 members to be elected at the time of general body meeting. To regularise the process of the election in the year 1999 election will be held only for 5 members, other five will be filled by nomination at the discretion of the President. In the year 1999, election will be held for five members. In the subsequent years only five members will be elected every year.
      • Eligibility:
        • Life Member
        • Active participation in two preceding annual meets in a cycle of five years.
        • Actively working in Neuroanaesthesia.
        • Not more than two members from the same city.
      • Tenure:
        Two years: can again stand for re-election.
      • Representation: The executive council members should preferably represent the zone: namely East, West, North, South and Central.
      • Duties
        • They will assist the office bearers in carrying out duties.
        • They will be the voice of the respective zones in the executive committee.
    13. Sub Committee:
      As the association progresses there will be need for establishment of subcommittees to cater for the growing need of the sub speciality.
      The following sub committees are suggested:-
      • Standardisation of teaching / research
      • Standardisation of the care of the patient
      • Standardisation of the equipment
      • Fellowship awarding committee
      • Exchange programme committee
        The members for various sub committees will be nominated from among the members by the President and other office bearers.
  2. Members:
    1. All qualified anaesthesiologists who are registered with State Medical Council.
      • Those actively associated with the speciality of Neuroanaesthesia and Neuro Intensive Care.
      • Those anaesthesiologists who are interested in the field of Neuroanaesthesia and Neuro Intensive Care.
      • Eminent specialists in the field of Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neuroradiology, basic science who are devoted to development of Neuroanaesthesia.
      • Ordinary Member:
        Duration: One Year
        Subscription: Membership for one year Rs. 500/-
        Voting right: Only if renewal of membership has been done 2 months prior to general body meeting.
        Privileges: Attend the conference; stand for post in executive council.
        Enjoy the benefits of travelling fellowship
        Receive a copy of the Journal for the duration of membership.
      • Life Member
        It is expected that all Anaesthesiologists actively working in Neuroanaesthesia / or are actively interested in the field of Neuroanaesthesia should become life members by paying the lump sum subscription. They will be issued a membership badge with their photographs (size 5cms x 3 cm). Two copies of their photographs to be sent to the Secretary for the same.
        • To stand for any post of office bearers
        • Have full voting rights against production of identity badges.
        • To enjoy all the benefits accrued by the association from time to time.
        • Life long receipt of the journal.
      • Associate Members:
        Any qualified doctor (not neuroanesthetist) who is interested in the field of neuroanaesthesia will be eligible for membership of the association in the following categories:
        • Ordinary associate member
        • Associate life member
      • NRI/Foreign Nationals
        NRI / Foreign national who are life members will not have any voting rights nor can they stand for any office.
    2. Admission to Membership
      Validity Ord. member 1 year (01 Jan to 31 Dec)
      Life member for life
      Ord. Membership Rs. 1600/- Life membership fee to be paid by August 2000 so as to be eligible for voting.
      Life member Rs. 500/- Fee must be renewed for the current year by Sep so as to be eligible for voting.
      NRI / Foreign National Fee $150/- or equivalent
      GBM has the right to revise the rates from time to time.
    3. Cessation of Membership:
      Membership shall cease by:
      • Voluntary resignation of the member
      • By default of payment of membership subscription for one consequent year after reminder is issued by the secretary.
      • By the decision of executive council by 2/3 rd majority of those present to delete the name of any member for any professional misbehaviour or misconduct subject to decision ratified by the next GBM.
    4. Appeal and Re-Admission of Members
      Before any action is taken against the offending member, he / she shall be served with a notice in writing to appear before the Executive Council to give an opportunity to explain his / her conduct. Readmission will be only possible if the Executive Council is convinced and on payment of all dues of readmission fees as a fresh admission.
  3. Administration of the Association:
    1. For administration purpose the General Body will elect the following at the annual GBM
      • Office Bearers: President, Senior VP, Associate VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor
      • Executive council comprising of office bearers and 10 members representing various zones/cities.
      • Chair: President will chair all the meetings.
      • Ex office members: Immediate past president and immediate past secretary.
    2. Responsibilities:
      To conduct the affairs of the association the responsibility / duties of various office bearers have been defined.
    3. Power:
      The general body at its annual GBM empowers the office bearers and the executive council with complete executive control of the society for the duration of their tenure. Their decision will be binding on all the members of the association.
    4. Annual Meetings:
      • Annual meets will be held once a year at a predetermined place where the academic and social activities incorporating all member delegates will be organised.
      • The responsibilities for conduction will be delegated to the organising secretary of the annual conference.
      • The proposal to hold the annual conference will be presented at the general body meeting who in turn will ratify the name. The venue for the annual conference is to be decided 3 years prior to the annual conference.
    5. In case due to unforeseen situation (war, natural disaster) annual conference is not held, the executive council will continue to function as such for one year more.
    6. Election:
      • Will be held for the following posts once a year
        • Associate VP
        • 5 executive council members
      • Note:
      • In the year 1999, election was held for President, Sr. Vice President, Asso. Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, editor   5 members of executive council, 5 members were nominated by the President in 1999.
      • Notification for the election will be issued by secretary in the month of July (two months in advance).
      • Forms duly completed by those desirous of being elected for the various posts should reach the Secretary by 15th Aug. (one month in advance of the G8M).
      • Responsibility: the Organising secretary will make necessary arrangements for holding the elections in terms of following:
        • Provision of ballot boxes
        • Provision of enclosures
          Printing of ballot papers will be done by the secretary.
          Returning officer will be nominated by the president.
      • Conduct of election
        The general body meeting will be held on the afternoon of the 2nd day of the annual conference (not on the last day).
      • Election Procedures
        • Returning officer will be appointed by the President
        • He/she will be assisted by a representative of the Secretary
        • He/she will be provided with an updated list of members
        • All the eligible members must obtain eligibility slip from the Secretary before the scheduled time of GB.
        • Against this slip the members should enter their names and sign in the register as a mark of attendance of general body. Thereafter they will be issued the ballot paper for exercising their right to vote at the time of GB.
        • Members can exercise their franchise concurrently with the GBM.
        • Duration of voting to be decided by returning officer depending on the number of voters.
    7. Executive Council Meeting:
      They will meet at least once before general body meeting to discuss the various agenda.
    8. General Body Meeting:
      • Conduct
        • President Speech
        • Report by Secretary
        • Presentation of accounts by Treasurer
        • Passing of accounts
        • Report by editor and presentation of accounts
        • Passing of accounts
        • Discussion on points raised by members’
        • Vote of thanks
        • Appointment of returning officer will be announced before GB
        • Election (can be conducted concurrently).
        • Declaration of results by returning officer
        • Taking over by the office bearers
        • Address by new president marking the end of General Body meeting.
  4. Professional Activities of the Association:
    1. Purpose:
      • Shall plan, direct and administer the educational and scientific activities of ISNACC and other chapters like Neuroanaesthesia chapter of ISA and ISNACC chapter and any other workshop or updates organised by different institution. It is incumbent on the affiliates to interact with scientific council in all such matters.
      • Composition:
        -           President of the association
        -           Senior VP
        -           Organising Secretary of ISNACC annual meets
        -           Local anaesthesiologist representative of ISA / ISNACC meets/workshop Co-opted Member
        -           Secretary - Executive authority
      • Proceeding of the meetings: Local organising secretary will submit the report of scientific activities to the secretary within two months of such meets.
      • Abstracts of paper will be submitted to the editor through the secretary for publication in the journal.
    2. Journal:
      • The primary objective of the association is to disseminate knowledge among the members through regular publication of scientific articles, review articles and abstracts etc.
      • Composition: Editor in chief assisted by his team and the editorial board.
    3. CME I Workshop I Refresher Courses:
      Member delegates are free to organise such scientific meets with the concurrence of the scientific council. Such scientific activities should preferably be held in the middle of the year and should not clash with the annual conference of the society. Care should be taken that it does not become parallel to the annual conference.
    4. Annual Conference:
      • Should be in the month of September - October.
      • Proposal to hold the annual conference is forwarded at least 2-3 years in advance and approved by GB.
      • Composition:
        • The executive council comprising of President, Senior VP, Associate VP, Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Editor.
        • Organising committee of the conference comprising of chairperson, patron and organising Secretary.
        • The committee members for the local arrangements including reception, accommodation, transport, catering, souvenir, local sightseeing and scientific exhibition and entertainment.
        • Scientific conference committee to be presided by Senior VP.
        • Committee for funds: Co-ordinating members: Associate VP and treasurer.
        • Committee for award of honours and fellowship, co-ordinated and presided over by the president.
    5. Clinical Care:
      As the association advances in its objectives, various sub committees can be formed to cover clinical care activities comprising of critical care, respiratory care equipment and facilities etc.
    6. Standardisation:
      The association will work cohesively to obtain uniform standard procedures for clinical anaesthesia, equipment and teaching schedules as far as possible. It will be the endeavour of the society to set standards of its own in terms of quality care.
  5. Discipline Procedure:
    1. Judicial Council:
      • The association may be empowered to go into the details of any disciplinary action against members or may be asked to formulate a policy plan or guide line viz-a-viz the consumer protection act.
      • Composition: Judicial council will consist of all office bearers. The aim is to protect the members on malpractice suits except criminal negligence.
      • It will be incumbent on the part of the members to get themselves indemnified through insurance companies which have got the clause to take up legal assistance in case required.
    2. Censure, suspension and expulsion of members:
      • The members will cease to be members for the following reasons:
        • Non payment of dues for a continuous period of 2 years.
        • Misconduct, professional negligence. Due notice will be served to the member asking for a show cause notice. The details will be put up in GB and if voted out by 2/3 majority of members present in the general body, the member will be expelled.
        • The nature of censure comprises of expulsion from membership or debarring from election to executive council.
        • Legal proceeding as per section 6 of societies registration Act of 1860 as applicable to NCT of Delhi.
    3. Impeachment of Office Bearers:
      The general body by 2/3 majority shall have the right to impeach the office bearers in case of failure of duties.
  6. Association Funds and Assets:
    1. Operation of Account:
      Bank account shall be in the name of the association and operated by secretary and
    2. Statement of Accounts:
      The treasurer shall present the details of receipts and expenditure for the financial year (01 Apr to 31 Mar) at general body meeting. The account should be duly scrutinized by Associate VP and audited by CA.
    3. Budget:
      The treasurer will present the proposed expenditure of the association for approval by the general body meeting.
    4. Funds of the Annual Conference:
      • Organising secretary may be given an advance at the discretion of the President to meet the initial expense of the annual conference. The fund will be refunded to main body before the start of annual conference.
      • The Organising Secretary will submit the account of receipt and expenditure duly audited to the Treasurer within 6 months of the conference and the same will be submitted to General Body by treasurer.
      • Transfer of funds to parent body 25% of the total receipts of the conference will be transferred to the main body within 6 months of the Annual conference and rest after 3 to 4 months of the audit.
    5. Funding of the Journal:
      The Journal will be funded through the following resources:
      • 50% of the amount received as subscription from members.
      • 80% of the amount received from annual meets and local workshop.
      • Advertisements, donations
      • 80% of the amount given by foreign delegates for membership
      • Miscellaneous sources: Sponsorship etc.
      • The editor will submit the audited amount to the general body meeting.
    6. Mid Term Meeting:
      As far as possible the mid-term conference should coincide with that of ISNACC conference / local workshop. At present there is no provision to reimburse travel expense of the executive council.
    7. Miscellaneous Provisions:
      • Seal: Association shall have official seal/emblem with words "Indian Society of Neuroanaesthesiologists and Critical Care" and such other wording as approved by general body meeting or required by law.
      • Language: The official language in all the meetings will be English.
      • By Law Amendments:
        • Any proposal for amendment or inclusion must be submitted to the secretary 60 days in advance of GBM. It should be in the form of a resolution duly supported by five active life members.
        • Such amendments will be put up to GBM and will be accepted only if passed by 2/3 majority. By laws changes shall take effect from the close of the meeting. The secretary would in turn submit a copy of the amendments to the registrar of society, Delhi in January of the succeeding year. Amendments will be carried in according to the provision of Sec 12 & 12 A of the societies registration as applicable in NCT of Delhi.
      • Annual Lists: Once every year a list of the office bearers and members of the executive council of the society shall be filed with the registrar of the societies Delhi as required under section 4 of the "Societies Registration Act of 1860, as applicable in NCT of Delhi."
      • Dissolution and Adjustment of Affairs:
        If the association needs to be dissolved, it shall be dissolved as per provisions laid down under section 13 and 14 of societies registration act of 1860 as applicable to the National Capital of Delhi.
      • Application of Acts:
        All the provisions under all the societies’ registration act of 1860 as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi
      • Essential Certificates:
        Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

These are original bylaws of the Society registered in 2001 (Reg No. 40438). Over the years the bylaws underwent several amendments. Newer version of constitution and bylaws with latest modifications/ amendments is expected to be available after approval, first in GBM and subsequently, by the Registrar of Societies, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.